Well that was interesting….

I’m glad to say that the first stage of the London to Paris ride has been completed. No I haven’t started ahead of everyone else, what I’m talking about is that I have now arrived at the hotel, eventually.

What an eventful journey. Probably within 2 miles of leaving home, I felt that the rear tyre was losing air, but it was only a slow puncture so I carried on – I’d sort it out at he station I thought.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the station, the tyre was flat and probably knackered – what do I do now – the ride starts in 13 hours I thought.

Well thanks to the guys at Cycle Clinic on Pentonville Road in London, I’m back on the road with a new tyre and spare inner tubes.

So onto the next challenge – getting from Euston to the hotel at Crystal Palace. Well that was an experience – started off well, enjoyed riding around some of the familiar roads in the city of London but the over the Thames and into some fairly dodgy parts of the capital – no stopping around here I kept saying to myself. However, the issue was that I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going.

Anyway, as often is the case in London, one dodgy part is quickly followed by some really nice areas. Dulwich village is one such place – never been there before but it looks lovely and well worth a return visit I think.

So I’m all settled, alarm set for 4:45 tomorrow to get ready to meet everyone else at 5:45

Onwards and upwards.

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