I’m getting sick of lazy journalism. Are you?

We are supposed to rejoice that we live in a country that enjoys a free press, the freedom of speech, the ability to criticise and challenge authority and to keep the government to account.

Of course, I do personally.

However, I also believe that with this should come responsibility. Responsibility to deliver news stories factually rather than with any specific bias and I certainly expect that from the BBC, a publicly owned institution.

So I have become somewhat disillusioned over recent months to find that time and time again, this isn’t the case and we are being presented with incorrect information that will cloud our judgement when forming our opinion on specific items.

A case in point, yesterday, when the British Prime Minister visited the Wigan Lads and Girls club, a fantastic facility that is run completely independently from any public purse, and has been established by the charity, On Side through public donations, corporate sponsorship and lots of fundraising. Rather than present this factually, the BBC decided to concentrate on the demonstration outside by a small group – no more than 15/20 people and invited someone from this group to comment on the youth club.

This ‘ex Liverpool Militant Councillor’ then stated incorrectly that “how can the PM celebrate such a facility when within a matter of months the council will be forced to close it down due to funding restrictions imposed by central government”

An incorrect and highly political statement that wasn’t challenged or corrected in any way.

There are many such events that will help people generally and the youth in particular form an opinion. I’m not asking for much, in saying that news should be presented with balance and indeed factually.

Otherwise we are no better than the countries across the world that don’t have a free press.

Is this lazy journalism or just poor journalism, I don’t know, but please the BBC, just concentrate on delivering the news and let other people form their own opinions.

Do MPs deserve a pay rise?

Just watching Question Time on the good old BBC and the first question related to proposed increase in MPs salaries. Three MPs on the panel were quick to highlight that they personally don’t think that the time is right, but avoided the real question as far as I’m concerned.

What should the salaries be? Of MPs but also of Ministers etc.

Overall, you might say that their base salary is good- £60k+ but is it really when compared with mid management salaries in general. Don’t we want the best people in Parliament to ensure that the country is governed correctly, that budgets are managed effectively and that core objectives are set and delivered.

Ultimately, I’m a believer in the adage that you get what you pay for – so we probably shouldn’t be too surprised that the country is in the state that it is!

The Moors Murderers

I was born in 1965, in Oldham, Lancashire in the foothills of the Saddleworth Moors where over the previous two years, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley had undertaken some of the most horrifying crimes to date, murdering and burying five children over a two year period.

One of the bodies has still not been discovered, almost 50 years later!

So why is this topical again?

Well, Ian Brady is making a case that he should be moved out of a ‘secured institution’ back into a regular prison so that he can have more freedom to take his own life.

The dilemma that many in the country are facing is whether this man should have any rights at all. Why should he have choices when he ensured that the five children had none? Why should we be incurring all this extra expense to arrange the court hearings to decide on whether he can be moved? One the other side, the question of why don’t we just let him die – at least then we don’t have to continue to pay for this mass murderer to live.

It is a story that can and probably will fill the TV debate programmes for many weeks. However, every time something like this is brought up, the frenzy starts all over again and I feel for the families who are again thrown into the centre of focus.

I think we should let Ian Brady die where he can reunited with Myra Hindley in hell.

Why is profit a bad word these days?

I’m sick to death of all of the media and politicians criticising businesses that made significant profits.

Do they not realise that it is these organisations that will drive the country out of recession?

Do they not realise that without profits, investments in new projects/ jobs etc will simply not happen?

More interestingly, do they not realise that it is the Profits on which Companies are taxed and not Revenue – so enough of the moaning about the amount of profits, let’s encourage our businesses to be the most successful that they can be, let’s celebrate success as opposed to decrying it.

I’m encouraged by the stance taken by Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph – please please will all journalist/ politicians start beating the success drum.