Why is profit a bad word these days?

I’m sick to death of all of the media and politicians criticising businesses that made significant profits.

Do they not realise that it is these organisations that will drive the country out of recession?

Do they not realise that without profits, investments in new projects/ jobs etc will simply not happen?

More interestingly, do they not realise that it is the Profits on which Companies are taxed and not Revenue – so enough of the moaning about the amount of profits, let’s encourage our businesses to be the most successful that they can be, let’s celebrate success as opposed to decrying it.

I’m encouraged by the stance taken by Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph – please please will all journalist/ politicians start beating the success drum.


New Leadership is Required – again!

“There are a few fertile fields in which there has been a decline of leadership, and in which the new type of leader may find an abundance of opportunity.

First – In the field of politics, there is a most insistent demand for new leaders; a demand which indicates nothing less than an emergency. The majority of politicians have, seemingly, become high-grade legalised racketeers. They have increased taxes and debauched the machinery of industry and business until the people can no longer stand the burden.

Second – the Banking business is undergoing a reform. The leaders in this field have almost entirely lost the confidence of the public. Already the bankers have sensed the need of reform, and they have begun it.

Third – Industry calls for new leaders. The old type of leaders thoughts and moved in terms of dividends instead of thinking an moving in terms of human equations! The future leader in industry, to endure, must regard himself as a quasi-public official whose duty it is to manage his trust in such as a way that it will work hardship on no individual, or group of individuals. Exploitation of working men is a thing of the past. Let that man who aspires to leadership in the field of business, industry and labour remembers this.

Fourth – The religious leader of the future will be forced to give more attention to the temporal needs of his followers, in the solution of their economic and personal problems of the present, and less attention to the dead past and the yet unborn future.

Fifth – In the professions of law, medicine, and education, a new brand of leadership, and to some extent, new leaders will become a necessity. This is especially true in the field of education. The leader is that field must, in the future, find ways and means of teaching people how to apply the knowledge they receive in school. He must deal more with practice and less with theory.

Sixth – New leaders will be required in the field of Journalism. Newspapers of the future, to be conducted successfully, must be divorced from ‘special privilege’ and relieved from the subsidy of advertising. They must cease to be organs of propaganda for the interests which patronise their advertising columns. The type of newspaper which publishes scandal and lewd pictures will eventually go the way of all forces which debauch the human mind.

These are but a few of the fields in which opportunity for new leaders and a new brand of leadership are now available”

So, what do you think – do you agree that everything that I’ve printed above is an accurate reflection of the state of the Britain and the world in 2012?

Your comments are most welcome.

One thing that I should point out though is everything that I have written above is take from the book – “Think and Grow Rich”, written by Napoleon Hill and published in 1937!

Isn’t it amazing that history repeats itself time and time again!


Are you sick of recruitment agencies?

I have to say that the reputation of most recruitment agents and consultancies is not great!

And, as both a client and as a candidate, I’ve first hand experience of how they’ve achieved this enviable reputation!

Obviously not every agent/ consultancy is the same – there are some stand out examples, including Intuitive Interim & Executive Search.

However, what I’ve always struggled with is why there is so many issues around the pricing mechanism and the rebates/ guarantees on offer. This along with the need to feel values and not just another number has led me to establish a small niche offering, which I’ve cheekily called www.anewwaytorecruit.com

This offers a bespoke service, one that is based upon really understanding the role and the company needs, one that is based upon search rather than simply advertising led, one that is offered at a fixed price and one that comes with an absolute guarantee.

I’m not trying to take over the world with this offering. I’m very focused on providing a honest service to a select number of clients to value the personal touch.

See for yourself and please recommend me to your professional contacts.



5 ways to achieve your New Year goals

It’s a well known fact that your ability to set goals and make plans for their accomplishment is a foremost skill of success. Developing this ability and embedding it as a habit will do more to assure continued success and achievement in your life than any other skill you can possibly learn.

And yet many of us still don’t do it, otherwise we’d all already be thin, rich, in love and healthy.

I’d like to make a suggestion. Don’t make any new year’s resolutions.

Instead make a plan!

Look at the year ahead and decide where you want to be in 12 months.

Then put together a plan to get there. Now of course you aren’t going to know exactly what you need to do the whole year, but you can get a good feel for it and have a good idea of where to get started. The best laid plans don’t necessarily have the va va voom without some tough love accountability, personal support and expert guidance. It’s sad to see so many people give up on their big dreams because they reach a plateau and they don’t know how to get to the next level. Don’t let that be you! In the words of Glade Byron Addams: “Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.” As with anything, you only own the process of goal setting by learning it and then by applying it over and over for yourself until it becomes automatic and ingrained in your subconscious mind, like breathing in and out. The good news is that you have an automatic, goal-achieving mechanism built into your brain.

This success mechanism works night and day, and drives and motivates you toward achieving the things you want.

Here’s five simple steps to activate your autopilot and get you focused and kicking your key goals in the new year:

Step 1 – Get big – Make a list of 5-10 goals you would like to achieve in the next year that align with your long term vision for your ideal life. Consider all the important areas of your life such as health, wealth, career, business, spirituality, love, giving, personal development, relationships etc. How do I get big? I start my goal setting by creating a Gratitude Letter that spells out in specific, tangible terms what my life will be like by the time I reach December 31 at the end of the coming year.

Step 2 – Get focused – Review the list or letter and ask yourself “If I could only achieve one goal this year that would make the greatest difference in my life, what would it be?” This will become your key goal. Write down your key goal and also note down the tangible evidence that you would see, feel and hear that would tell you when you have achieved the goal – this is a psycho neuro motor activity it will make sure your subconscious can work on it while you sleep!

If your goal is around money and increasing wealth in life how are you asking for it? Is your goal stated “I want more money in life?” or is it really focused and specific? “It is now November 2011 and I have increased my personal wealth by $150,000. I know this because I can see the additional funds on bank statement, I am reviewing my investment options and I took my family on a holiday to Hawaii.”

Step 3 – Get specific – Make a list of everything you could do to achieve that key goal, keep writing until you have run out of ideas. Organise the list of actions firstly by sequence of the things that should come first, then in order of priority of tasks and actions. Break the tasks and actions down into milestones, I find working backwards from the end result to what I want to see in 9, 6 and 3 months most powerful and from these milestones I can create 90 day action plans.

Step 4 – Get momentum – Do something every day about this key goal no matter how small the action. Start by doing what you can, with what you’ve got, in the place you are. You can’t get anywhere just by planning, so you have to take action. Just keep the goal posts in your sights and aim for it. If you miss a day make sure you catch up the next day so at the end of each 90 day plan you have reached your milestone. The best way to stay on track is to find yourself an accountability buddy or join a mastermind, they will help you overcome any challenges, stay focused and maintain momentum.

Step 5 – Get excited – Celebrate your achievements and milestones along the way. Share your wins with your support team, family or mastermind. Create a success and gratitude journal, take a photo when you reach your goal to remind you of how far you’ve come. “Nobody creates the kind of life and biz they want without a plan. And plans don’t work unless they’re built on actions you can take with the resources available to you now.” John Carlton.

Take the time today to give yourself the gift of a gratitude letter and plan, you’ll be amazed by what happens!