Monthly Book Club – or What I’m reading now…

I’ve always be interested in leadership and what makes a good leader and I was drawn to the book ‘Leading in times of Crisis’ by David L Dotlich, Peter C Cairo and Stephen H Rhinesmith.

The central message is that leadership is reaching an almost impossible level of complexity and recent economic events have created the perfect storm for leaders out there trying to make businesses work. They claim that even the most accomplished leaders are exhausted abd confused by the challenges presented in these turbulent times.

The key to riding the storm is leadership style – the need to be the whole leader – ‘head, heart and guts’.

Their guidance is simple;

1. be clear about what you have the courage to be known for

2. prioritise relationships

3. lead everyone, not just those that report to you

4. be clear about what is important

5. consider the things that are limiting you

The book challenges you to rethink things and for this, it makes a very interesting read.