Just who is Robbie Burns???

Just off to a Burns Supper – an annual feast that all true born Scots love and crave for.

So, as a born and bred Englishman, why is it that everywhere I look, Burns Suppers are happening. Is it a case of the Scots slowly but surely taking over our green and pleasant land? Is it a case of the English, not having anything similar to celebrate, have to make do with celebrating other nation’s successes?

Am I really bothered? No, not really. As long as we can all have a really great time and chill out from all of the ‘depressing news’ of late, then I’m certainly happy to become a ‘wee lad’ for the night!

I should point out here and now that I have lived in Scotland for over 8 years of my life so I do share some history here – I even have two Scottish born children. However, being the philistine ‘sassenach’ I also need to point out that a know little or nothing about the infamous Bard!Robbie Burns

The least that I could do is to find out a little about the background and history. The research was easy – key in Robbie Burns into Google and you get back 425,000 links. One of the best that I found was www.rabbie-burns.com, where I found that the man was;

– born in Ayrshire in1759

– he was the eldest of 7

– he penned his first ode at 15 – ‘My Handsome Nell’

– he had over 400 songs and poems published

– he had many liaisons with women resulting in many illegitimate children

– he died at the age of 37 of heart disease

On the anniversary of his birth, Scots both at home and abroad ( and as we know, many English also) celebrate Robert Burns with a supper, where they address the haggis, the ladies and whiskey.

A celebration that would undoubtedly make him proud!