Why is the UKs number of Cancer Cases reaching US figures?

If only people were healthier, increasing number of cancer cases in the US as well as in the UK can be brought to an end.

Health is Wealth

Living healthy, maintaining a well balanced diet complete with fruits and vegetables, healthy weight and taking exercise as a routine can help minimize the outgrowing number of cancer cases in the UK and the US.

While there is much higher rates of obesity in the US yet Britons tend to drink more alcohol and as a result the total numbers of cancer cases are equal in both areas.

People may notice that most cancer cases in the US are linked to body fats in fact 20% of the seven cancer types are weight related issues while in the UK the percentage is only about 17%. According to experts, despite that Britons are much healthier in weight yet they are hard alcohol drinkers causing them to match the US in cancer rates, says Professor Martin Wiseman.

Too much of everything can make us sick, so better watch out for your health. Life is good especially if we are healthy and even if we don’t have much wealth or money we can still live happily.