Monthly Book Club – March 2010

For the last 20 years, I have been heavily involved in managing corporate change across a range of sectors and in both large and small organisations.

One thing is common in every experience that I’ve had – that the majority of people are totally uncomfortable with change!

Unsurprisingly then, I was attracted to the Book ‘Changability’ by Michael Jarrett, published by FT Prentice Hall.

The premise is that whilst change is inevitable, very few organisations achieve the benefits they should. Changability addresses the positive question of what makes people and organisations good at change and is based upon a 6 year study involving 5000 managers from around the world.

Jarrett concludes that there are three core factors;

1. internal capabilities

2. the external environment

3. leadership

The book provides an excellent assessment of the issues directors need to think about. Its also packed with tips and tools of value to anyone implementing change.

I have developed six presentations taking you step by step through the implementation of effective change. You can download your copies here –