Can the private sector teach the government a thing or two to reduce costs?

The UK Government have plundered the country into the depth of massive debt and have realised that things need to change. Their response – increase taxes!!! In fact, from April, some people will pay almost 70% of their income in taxes. How can this be right?

Dependent upon the outcome of the upcoming election will determine the severity of the cuts in Government Budgets – will this have a big impact on public services?

Well, on the one hand the simple answer is it is bound to have an impact. However, recent research has suggested that public sector productivity has dropped over the course of the last 12 years so there must be ‘fat’ in the system that with some focus can be reduced.

The Times ran an article on the 16th February, where Phil Thornton suggests that the Government can learn a lot about cost reductions from the private sector. I agree with Phil and believe that there are some simple ways that significant savings can be achieved whilst enhancing service delivery. Take a look at this white paper for more details of how this can be achieved.