10 ways to use Twitter

I have to say that I’m not yet a Twitter convert, but I’m interested in learning more about it and more importantly how people use it to develop new business opportunities, rather than the incessant bleeting about the finite details of what they watching on TV or eating for tea…. Why would I be interested in that…

During my research, I have come across this list of 10 ways to use Twitter.

1. Drive users to your website

2. Search for customers’ opinions

3. Promote offers

4. Highlight industry news and research

5. But don’t just brag about successes

6. inject some personality

7. Network with other businesses

8. Be genuine

9. Get involved in the community

10. Do it right and learn the etiquette

The list looks and sounds right – however, I’d be really interested in hearing about real stories of how you have used Twitter to develop your business.