Happiness in just 7 steps…

Are you happy?

I mean really happy?

If not, these seven steps may help you move to a more happy place;

  1. KNOW your emotional state, recognise when it changes and what factors influence it. How you feel now is not necessarily the way you felt yesterday, nor the way you will feel tomorrow. Celebrate the cycles of your emotions.
  2. HAVE ambitions, goals, dreams which motivate and inspire. Future histories that you can invest in, move towards and revel in. Set both achievable and awesome targets. The first will move you forward along a pre-defined path. The second will drive you to be something more than you can currently conceive.
  3. RELATE creatively, collaboratively and emotionally with others. Keep those who inspire and move you close and let those who depress and control you drift away. People come into your life and they leave your life. Some will affect you greatly. Be aware of how you feel in each relationship and explore where each can take you.
  4. SHARE your dreams and ambitions; your desires and your goals with those who you have strong, initmate friendships and partnerships. Listen to their dreams and ambitions. Many powerful relationships fail because of a lack of meaningful communication.
  5. RECOGNISE that whilst your work may not make you happy, it can support you in being happy. A few fortunate individuals can earn a living doing what they love. If you can achieve that then work towards it. If not recognise that what you do does not need to define YOU but you can define how YOU relate to it. Remember the idea that we work to live rather than live to work.
  6. KNOW that you can make a choice in every situation. Recognise and respect the choices you make and take an active role in your own life. Even when you think you have NO CHOICE consider what it is that causes you to feel that way and decide whether or not you are using the ‘no choice-blame’ thing as an excuse. Know that there’s no idealism about this and there is no way any accusation of ‘laziness’ aimed at individuals who are locked into a situation from which there appears to be no escape. If you feel you are one of these people then seek some external support to help you ‘take back’ your personal power – to recognise those aspects of your own life over which you can have choice.
  7. BE PRESENT, BE YOU, BE NOW. Respect yourself and your abilities. Find ways to reward your achievements, celebrate your relationships and honour your choices. Develop your emotional literacy, your intellect and your physical health

What experiences do you have in applying these 7 steps?