10 Public Speaking Pointers

How comfortable are you in making a public speech?

Do you get a standing ovation at the end of your speeches?

Here are my top 10 tips for giving great speeches;

1. Have something to say – the old adage that less is more is very relevant here. Make sure that you have something tangible to say and when you do, make sure that you focus on the key aspects

2. Don’t try to sell – don’t treat the speech as an opportunity to deliver a sales pitch. Build interest in your audience so that they proactively follow up with you

3. Understand who you are talking to – tailor your speech to the needs of your specific audience – it will help to engage them and retain their interest. Use examples from their sphere of influence.

4. Dress appropriately – you want the audience to focus on your message, not on the way that you look.

5. Don’t slag off the competition – it only reflects badly on you

6. Recreate stories – pull your audience into your message through the creative use of stories

7. Build expectation in your audience – can you circulate information beforehand? can you converse with your audience prior to the event? – use the latest social media tools such as Linkedin etc

8. Make sure that the room that you have feels small and the audience is packed in – there is nothing worst than giving a speech to a large room with a small number of people in it.

9. Try to arrange for your speech to be at the start of the event – your audience will have high expectations and be alert – this wanes significantly as you proceed through the course of the day. Never accept the graveyard slot just after lunch

10. Practice, Practice and Practice some more – make sure that you are comfortable with the contents of your speech – this will help you relax and perform to a much higher standard.

Please add your stories – both good and bad – of your experiences