Is it me or do schools close much more frequently than in our day?

What is it with modern teachers?

Nowhere near as robust as they were in my day!

Overnight, we had an inch of snow – very picturesque – but guess what – the Head teacher decided that for reasons known to herself, the school should close – WHY?

Is it Health and Safety gone mad?

Is it down to our need to drop our little pride and joy’s right outside of the school gates, rather than park a little away where the roads are clear and (drum roll please) walk from the car to the school gate!

It would be very interesting to study the effects on the economy of these decisions.  Often it appears at the will of the Head Teacher. Lost productivity will run into hundreds of millions of pounds, not great when we are teetering of the edge of a double (or is it triple) dip recession.

What’s the answer? I say, let’s hold the Head Teachers to account and invoke the Dunkirk (Oh god I’m showing my age) spirit. Let’s teach the kids that it’s fun to walk to school in the snow, Let’s stop this mamby pamby state that we are creating and get some back bone into society.

It’s 21:50 now and I’m trying to work out whether we will have a repeat of today tomorrow – god I hope not!