Should YouTube be used in the classroom?

It has recently been reported that schools and colleges in the Uk are increasing using YouTube in the classroom.

Is this right? How do you feel that your child is being fed with YouTube images as part of their learning experience?

On the one hand it seems utterly foolhardy to encourage the use of YouTube in schools – it is full of silly exerpts, self promoting people and disgusting images isn’t it?? If you are over 35, this is probably your view!

However, when was the last time that you looked at YouTube?

Yes – you can spend hour after hour looking at the latest experiment of what an extra strong mint does to a bottle of coke – if you haven’t seen this – take a look now – you’ll be amazed. But take a little time to consider the other aspects of YouTube.

Are you looking for some information or a better understanding of something? If so, take a look at YouTube and don’t be surprised if there are videos that can help you. YouTube is full of informational ‘how to’s’ and guidance notes. Another excellent resource is

Being over 40, my initial thought on this report was ‘are they made!’ However, once I’d sat back and reviewed what is available, I now believe that we should engage with this new media and take advantage of the data that it contains.